Thursday, December 8, 2011

Support Musiqa's Educational Programming

Dear Friends,

As someone who believes wholeheartedly in the transformative qualities of music, I support efforts to provide music and music education to those who can most benefit from it. Musiqa and its far-reaching music education programs give Houston students what they are missing, and much more.

Founded in 2002, the non-profit organization Musiqa presents innovative, interdisciplinary concerts showcasing contemporary classical music through arts integrated curriculum at Houston area Title 1 schools. At no cost to schools, Musiqa provides programs that include:

• in-school workshops
• 10-week or year-long school residencies
• teacher study materials
• bus transportation, and
• a downtown Musiqa performance at the Hobby Center

Musiqa’s music education programs are changing the lives of thousands of these students. By bringing music into the classroom and integrating it with subjects including English, Math, and Science, Musiqa is teaching students to think creatively so they have a chance to overcome predicted outcomes of the low socio-economic status they have inherited.

We need your support to bring this nationally award-winning program to the most underserved children of Houston. Help us offer these children a window into a better world, one of music and innovation, creative thinking, and flexibility to reach for higher goals in life. Please make a donation today and share our commitment to help children access arts integrated curriculum and achieve a better tomorrow.

Thank you,

Roger Hochman, President
Musiqa Board of Trustees

"Our students are very low income students. Any experiences that we can provide for them are valuable. Many have never been downtown, in a theatre, or heard live classical music. It enriches their lives, and broadens their horizons to music and careers they never knew existed."

HISD teacher at a Title 1 school commenting on Musiqa's educational programming.

“Creativity is not a specialized gift: Rather, it is an underlying mechanism of our mental lives...We need to train the whole brain. We need communities of richly mediated minds. Our future as a thriving, productive society-and species--depends upon it.”

Musiqa founder Anthony Brandt, describes the need, “Why Young Minds Need Art,” in a Houston Chronicle editorial, September 9, 2011.

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