Monday, August 29, 2011

Why the arts are important: Houston arts leaders have their say

Musiqa Artistic Director Anthony Brandt is part of a photo essay in Culturemap Houston featuring several Houston arts leaders who explain why the arts are important.

"Brain science is demonstrating that creativity is not a specialized activity but rather a basic part of the operation of the human brain. Creativity is implicated in every aspect of our mental lives: Every time we change our mind or say something new, we are creating outcomes that have never existed before. In fact, we would have a hard time turning the creativity off! The arts matter because they are the outward expression of internal processes that we all share: They help us know ourselves more deeply and each other."

— Anthony Brandt, Musiqa artistic director and associate professor at the Shepherd School of Music, Rice University

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 28th, 2011: Musiqa at the Theater District Open House

On Sunday, August 28, Musiqa will be a part of the 18th Annual Theater District Open House. Participating organizations include Dominic Walsh Dance, Da Camera Jazz, and Houston Ballet II. This is a wonderful way for audiences of all ages to get a behind the scenes look at the arts.

Our season subscriptions will be 20% off the day of the open house. Subscriptions will be available at The Hobby Center box office or by visiting The Hobby Center website.

Musiqa artists soprano Karol Bennett and pianist Tali Morgulis will perform songs by John Corigliano and Bob Dylan at 3:35 pm in Zilkha Hall.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to MusiqaBlog!

Welcome to MusiqaBlog. Here you will find the latest news and content related to Musiqa, it's artistic directors, collaborators and the composers we're presenting this season and in seasons to come. Interviews, audio and video will all be a part of this blog.

Musiqa's Artistic Directors include five active composers, Karim Al-Zand, Anthony Brandt, Pierre Jalbert, Marcus Maroney and Rob Smith.

Upcoming performances of music by Musiqa's Artistic Directors include:

August 26, 2011
Derek Bermel performs Pierre Jalbert's Crossings with Music from Copland House at the Salt Bay Chamberfest.

Pierre Jalbert interviewed by Alexandra Gardner for NewMusicBox at Rice University, Houston, Texas, June 2, 2011—2 p.m. Audio/video presentation and photography by Molly Sheridan and Alexandra Gardner

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